Alberta Orchard Wellness (AOW) is an urban greenspace and developing food forest which serves as the primary practice location of Dr. Sarita Elizabeth Cox, ND, LAc. This is a explorative business model in consideration of interconnectness/interdependence, local economy, earth stewardship, life work and health via real food.


As a health care practitioner, Dr. Cox practices naturopathic and Chinese medicine individually tailored to support the health and well-being of patients with a spectrum of conditions. Utilizing vitalistic and nature cure principles, she provides diet, nutrition, and lifestyle consultations, as well as health education for individuals and the community to achieve optimum wellness.

Her most requested services are acupuncture, individualized Chinese herbs and naturopathic consultations.

Dr Cox’s Practice

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Concierge & Public Medicine

Dr Cox’s Practice

Concierge Services

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Seasonal Wellness

Castor Oil Pack Holder

Liver Cleanse E-Book

Lymph Support Kit

Lymph Cleanse E-Book

Public Medicine

New Patient Deposit

15 Minute Resource Consult

30 Minute Resource Consult

Castor Oil Pack Treatment

Ear seed placement



Biomat Sessions

Biomat Rental

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Health Coaching

Integrative Health Coach

in person or phone

Carol Duffy, PhD

Energy Work


Eminent Reiki Practitioner

Teresa Cribelli

by appointment

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Reiki session then

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Clarissa Boggess, HMCCH

by appointment

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Crystal Healing session then

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Mindfulness Meditation Group

Internal Medicine Associates of Tuscaloosa

every Tuesday 515-615 P

free & open to public for adults

Celiac Support Group

with Ellen Herman, RN

free or by donation

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Orchard Herbs

Seasonal, wildcrafted & cultivated medicinal and culinary herbs

available for purchase & pickup

small business & personal use

Mondays & Tuesdays 9A-4P

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Pay It Forward Fund

In 2014, a patient in our practice began funding services, treatments and products for other patients who could not afford but would benefit from our services.

We formalized the generosity and established accounts for specific patients as well as a general patient fund.

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Arcadia PTA World Partnership

University of Alabama New College Sustainable Landscaping

UAB Palliative Fellows Rotation View Composite

Internal Medicine Associates of Tuscaloosa

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AOW will contact you in response to your request to schedule your visit.

Meridian, MS: (W) Jan 17, 31 Feb 14, 28, March 14

Philadelphia, MS please contact Primary Care at Choctaw Health Center

Tuscaloosa, AL (M, Tues) 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Concierge medicine offering may have expanded dates and hours, please contact Dr Cox or our office.

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Event Destination

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AOW serves as a model for developing and utilizing edible landscape in a revitalized, ecological urban habitat to empower through education, personal homesteading, food crafting, foraging and profitable small business.


Inspire health through motivational education, hands-on workshops & support groups



Utilize the surrounding land as an “urban food forest”



Empower and grow community partnerships



Provide health & wellness treatments


Our Staff

Dr. Sarita Elizabeth Cox Physician Healer and Wellness Pioneer

Cindy Agee Dr. Cox's Assistant and Patient Liaison

Linda Hollis Business Visionary

Brandy Hyche Producer for Public Events

Sylvia Parker Websmith


3530 University Boulevard East
Tuscaloosa, AL 35404


3600 8th St E.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35404


Alberta Orchard Wellness